Our Service Areas
24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Marble Falls TX: We are a towing service that provides a roadside assistance service to the city of Marble Falls TX. We are located about 15 milesaway. In most cases it takes us under one hour to get our wrecker service to Marble Falls. Our roadside assistance in Marble falls takes about the same amount of time. When we are providing our towing service to customers who live in Marble Falls who require vehicle transports to or from other areas we charge $75.00 for our hook up fee and $3/mile to transport your vehicle. Our roadside assistance in Marble Falls starts at $75.00

Burnet TX: Our Towing Company is based out of Burnet TX so in most Cases we can provide our roadside assistance within the hour you call. Our fees for our wrecker service start at $65.00 for a hook up and $3/mile for transport. Our Tow Tuck Operators are native to Burnet TX and have been helping our neighbors for decades.

Lampassas TX: Advantage Towing is located about 22 miles away from our yard. We provide our roadside assistance to Lampassas as well as our wrecker service. Our price for tow hook up in Lampassas is $75.00 and our transport charge is $3/mile. Our response time to Lampassas is about one to one and a half hours depending on if out Tow Truck Operators are not on other wrecker calls.

Llano TX: Advantage Towing Company the first name in roadside assistance in Llano. Our wrecker service lead time for a tow in Llano is generally about one to one and a half hours. We offer our lock out service, gas delivery, tire change as well as our jump start service. We are proud to be your Lampassas Towing Company!

Kingsland TX: If you need a hand getting your vehicle unlocked, run out of gas, get a flat tire, need a jump start or need a wrecker service in Kingsland give us a call at 512-756-7995 Our response time is about one hour. We are located in Burnet TX about twenty minutes away and provide our towing service to Kingsland and the entire Hill Country.

The Hill County and beyond: We do not only provide our wrecker service and roadside assistance to our local area. We can transport your vehicle to antwhere in Texas. Call us for more information. If you need your Motorcycle, Full size, economy car or S.U.V. towed to any place in Texas we are your guys! We can even tow most boats and boat trailers. Check out our Facebook